2008/12/15 - Registry Connection announces plans for Driver Examiner scheduling software
Effective January 19th, 2009, all road tests will begin and end at an Alberta Registry office. The Alberta government predicts a 33% increase in registry office traffic as a direct result of this new regulation. Registry Connection announced their plans today to develop a software suite specifically for Alberta Driver Examiners.

This system, code named RC3, will enable Alberta Driver Examiner companies to be affiliated with more than one registry office. RC3 will include electronic billing, mobile device access and automatic email notifications, while eliminating scheduling conflicts via a unique availability/scheduling tool that can even indicate (in real time) a booking in progress.

"We see a demand for this type of product. Once the new regulation takes effect, Registry Agents, Driver Examiners and the student will face a communication barrier that we will address in an all inclusive system" said Tim Wan (co-founder). "RC3 is just another example of how Registry Connection strives to develop long-term services and software solutions, unique to the Alberta Registry Agent industry".

2008/10/24 - Evolution program effective for Alberta Registry Agents
Registry Connection is pleased to report positive responses from clients and proves that the evolution program really does work. "With the new launch of a dozen or so enhancements that were recently added to RC1, we were able to prove to our current and potential clients that the evolution program really works. There were no development costs incurred and customers got what they wanted, and more." Says Dale Sarver (co-founder); head of development.

Alberta registry agents in the past have purchased their software for a large lump sum, leaving themselves with a non-existent support solution and a stagnant product. What sets Registry Connection apart is our unique approach to software development. Purchased software can become obsolete over time. Registry Connection offers Alberta registry agents a software subscription, which in tandem with our evolution program ensures a long term, fully supported software solution for Registry agents, that evolves with the industry.

"With our evolution program, we hope to change the registry point of sale industry perception to a positive one. We are here to stay and will continue to create long term software solutions designed for the Alberta registry agent market." says Tim Wan (co-founder).

2008/06/13 - Registry Connection Announces Winner
Alaina Wells, manager of Lethbridge Vehicle, has been announced as the winner of Registry Connection Inc.'s draw for a free month of RC1 system access and support. The announcement was made earlier today by Dale Saver, co-founder and developer of Registry Connection's flag ship subscription based software RC1.

"We would like to thank the many individuals for their positive comments and questions about the RC1 system. Many people did not realize that Tim Wan, (co-founder and designer of the RC1 system) was a former registry agent clerk for many years and has designed RC1 based on his experience and expertise in the field. As a developer, I was glad to finally meet the end users of the RC1 system after a year and a half of development. I was happy to answer any questions that the attendees of the conference had about the software and also to hear our client's concerns so that we can continue to improve RC1 even more." said Dale Sarver, co-founder and developer.
Based on the overwhelming response, the introduction of Registry Connection and RC1 at the 2008 Registry Conference & Trade Show was a success. Because of the rapid growth in Alberta's population, more than ever before, there is a need for a point of sale system that is fast, reliable, and has the tools needed to maximize efficiency. Registry Connection Inc offers a long term all in one solution for Alberta Registry Agents point of sale and IT/Networking needs.

2008/04/03 - 2008 Registry Conference Attendance
Registry Connection Inc. announced that they will be participating in the upcoming 2008 Conference & Trade Show at the Radisson Hotel and Conference Centre in Canmore, Alberta June 9th through 10th. The annual conference provides an opportunity for venders to showcase products and services that are available in the registry agent market. Registry Connection intends to exhibit and introduce its new web-based point of sale system RC1. A draw will be held by the company during this time, where winner will be awarded a free 1 month trial of RC1and accompanying support services.

"We are pleased to have this opportunity to introduce the attendees of the conference to RC1 and its unique subscription service. We look forward to speaking with our client base and addressing any questions that may arise, and are prepared to offer a demonstration of RC1's broad range of capabilities at the conference. We want our clients to know that RC1 is a long term solution and that Registry Connection takes a pro-active approach to exceeding their expectations" says Dale Sarver, Co-Founder of Registry Connection Inc.

2008/03/08 - RC1 Immediate Release
Registry Connection Inc. today announced that RC1, an online point of sale system developed for Alberta registry agents, has now been made available province wide. The early release is part of Registry Connection's strategy to increase awareness of RC1 and its bundled services, which make it the first of its kind in the Alberta Registry Agent market. The new approach provides a subscription based service and enables all registries to cost effectively build, promote and operate their storefronts as efficiently as possible. The early release, approximately 4 weeks ahead of schedule, further reinforces Registry Connection's commitment to fostering the growth and stability of commerce in the Registry Agent market.

"With the stale point of sale software products that are available in the Alberta Registry Agent market, we have had tremendous demand among registries of all sizes to acquire a long term, cost effective, and reliable point of sale solution. We spent over a year designing and developing RC1, which is an online application that meets and exceeds the needs of a registry agent and is based on a monthly subscription" said Tim Wan, co-founder.

Due to the fact that Alberta is currently the fastest growing province in Canada, its registry agents must be able to handle the transactional load dictated by the province's population. Registry Connection delivers the best of both worlds in the Registry Agent market; a fully supported solution that will never be obsolete, combined with a unique mode of subscription that focuses on being cost effective. In addition, the use of an online approach allows us to expand our services to include registry agents located in rural communities. With its innovative design and approach, Registry Connection and RC1 will undoubtedly become the province's leading point of sales platform for all authorized Alberta registry agents.

Registry Connection offers new subscribers a complete setup which includes establishing hosting as well as training the clients on the use of the software system. Because of the incorporation of advanced web technologies, registry agent clerks can easily complete transactions using an ordinary browser and an easy point-and-click interface. Among the many features that make the product such a versatile tool in the industry is its ability to allow registry owners to remotely access accounting information and reporting with great ease and the utmost security.

2008/02/18 - Beta Testing
We are happy to report that Registry Connection Inc. is in the final stages of testing RC1. The opportunity to test RC1 in a live environment provided us the means to improve upon our processes and explore even more ways we can further streamline the Registry Agent industry. We have used the feed back from our beta testers and have incorporated their ideas and opinions into the latest version of RC1. We are pleased to receive a positive response from the beta testers.

The tentative schedule for general release for all Alberta Registry Agents is April 1, 2008. We would like to thank all those who have offered their support and the registries that have participated.

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