Registry Connection Inc. is a new company whose vision is to offer fully supported products and services specific to the Alberta Registry Agent market. Our vision is to apply our experience and knowledge of registry computer networks and combine them with cutting edge technology. The result is the most powerful fully supported point of sale system and vast array of specialized computer network services in the Registry Agent Market.

The founders of Registry Connection Inc. have the combined knowledge and experience of 20 years in the registry agent industry and software systems development. This combination is the powerhouse behind this unique approach and is the first of its kind in the Registry Agent Market.

Online scheduling system perfect for any Alberta Driver Examiner.
  • Email Notifications
  • Resolve Scheduling
  • Mobile Device Access
  • Publish Availability with Registries & Driving Schools
  • List your availability online:

Introducing the only web based P.O.S. software solution for Alberta Registry Agents.

The first fully supported pos software for Alberta registry agents.
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