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Windows 10 Workstations

New Workstations & IT


Our 20 years of experience as a vendor in the Alberta registry market has us at a unique advantage when it comes to workstations.
From ROADS installation to network settings, we know exactly what is needed to be compliant according to GOA registry agent policy and procedures.

For peace of mind we even deliver and set up.

Absolutely! Everyone at Registry Connection Inc. has an up to date criminal record check. We are also registered with Service Alberta as an IT vendor and are listed as IT personnel for many registry agents throughout Alberta.

Although we do offer IT services, our model is based on a monthly retainer dependent on the number of workstations you have in your office.
Please contact us and get a quote for our all inclusive, unlimited, IT support services.

We take the time to source each component in your workstation. We apply our expertise and experience when putting these components together. Each workstation is hand built to ensure the highest level of quality in parts and installation.