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IRIS | Intelligent Registry Information System

 Point of Sale Software For Alberta Registry Agents

Since 2007, we’ve aimed to put together the most robust, customized, and advanced point of sale software available for Alberta registry agents.
After over a decade of service and innovation excellence, we’re excited to unveil IRIS | Intelligent Registry Information System. It is the most advanced registry management system available. It come jam packed with key features such as integration with Quickbooks and Sage Simply Accounting, an internal messaging system, employee scheduler powered by RC3, automated reporting, and the Ecom module which is a mobile app designed for registry owners to provide real time data and statistics at a glance. IRIS will give you 20/20 vision into your registry operations, enabling you and your staff to make the best decisions possible.

Not just a Point Of Sale
While harnessing the core of the RC1 point of sale system, we’ve evolved into a robust data-rich registry information system for managing and monitoring  every aspect of your registry’s operations.

Our robust account holder management system can track outstanding balances and the automatic invoicing option makes invoicing all of your account holders at once, a 3-step point-and-click process. Automatically add interest charges to account holders that carry a balance, and report the changes to registry management by email.

Dive deeper into our data mining graphical interface that gives you  real time statistics and financial data. Our mobile app gives you the information and decision-making data you need at your fingertips 24/7.

IRIS Alberta Registry Agent Point of Sale
IRIS | Intelligent Registry Information System

Internal Chat System
IRIS is fully equipped with its own internal messaging system.
Internal communication within your registry has never been easier or more secure.

Chat discreetly or alert other employees of private client matter or call for help.

Integration of accounting suites
Save countless hours of your bookkeepers time and utilize the detailed reports offered in your accounting suites. IRIS has the ability to export data specifically for accounting software packages such as Sage Simply Accounting and QuickBooks. We’ll work with your bookkeeper to create any accounting data streams they request. And yes – we can automate any data feeds necessary.

Work Scheduler
The work scheduler management system uses RC3 at its core to schedule employees. RC3 is the frame work we used to facilitate road test bookings online, and includes additional built-in features like calculating total staff hours in a week and providing suggestions for coverage. Distribute the schedule to your staff through the Work Scheduler email function or text your staff updates of any schedule changes, from within the scheduler module.

Staff can log in and check their schedule any time.

Customized Intranet pages
Need a centralized location for internal memos and links?
IRIS has a special place where owners and managers can open a dialogue with staff by posting information notices, alerts, and current topics. Post useful links, phone numbers and work schedules.

Encompass is a powerful tool accessed through our mobile app.
It’s designed for owners and stakeholders to have meaningful live data at their fingertips. Charts and graphs visualize gross profit and volume analysis and year over year comparisons.
Customize your view to zero in on what matters to you.

Fully Supported

As always, all of our services come complete with the user support that your company needs and more importantly, years of experience and the counsel that comes with it.